I recently directed this animated spot to promote Specsavers free home eye tests. The ad brings to life the classic fairy-tale of Rapunzel, with a humorous twist. The damsel in distress is unable to leave her house due to ‘certain circumstances’, but is in serious need of an eye test and a new pair of glasses. Thankfully, her knight in shining armour (who just so happens to be a Specsavers Optometrist) rides in on his noble steed, battling dragon fire and climbing the tower to test her eyes. I worked alongside Character Designer Jacob Merrick-Wolf, and Illustrator Chervelle Freyer on background/setting design - we worked collaboratively with Specsavers’ in house creative team to reimagine this classic tale. 

Client: Specsavers
Studio: The Kitchen
Illustration: Chervelle Freyer and Jacob Merrick-Wolf
Animation: Sam Burton, JJ Shim, Nicolette Van Gendt, Roly Edwards

Below is a making of video which I made to give the audience a sneak peak at the the process behind the finished commercial.